Foxpro Zip

This ActiveX DLL allows Visual Foxpro to create ZIP files in 4 lines of code!

oZip.ZipFile = "C:\Test.Zip"

The DLL uses InfoZip's Free Zip DLL's. To install it, extract the DLL's into your WIndows System directory and run this command

regsvr32 CCS_Zip.DLL

Additional properties of the Zip object are :-

Recurse (Logical) - Recurses through directories
Move (Logical) - Deletes files that have been zipped
RootDir - Paths stored in Zip are relative to this setting

The ActiveX DLL is written in VB6 and is supplied "As Is". No Warranty of fitness for any purpose is given.

Download it here

If you would like a copy of the source code, please email


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